How to get your chronic medicine

  • Always forgetting to get your chronic medication? You are not alone.
  • It is essential that you take your chronic medication regularly, as prescribed. You cannot afford to miss even a day with most chronic prescriptions but making sure you always have your medication on time can be a challenge.
  • Fortunately, many of the medical aid schemes have made this a lot easier as have a number of the large pharmacy chains.

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Best Medical Aid if You’re Self-Employed

Being self-employed means you are your own boss and there are many benefits associated with it. You have control over your business, how you plan your work schedule, daily routine and of course, your finances.

The downside to being self-employed, however, is that the monthly income earned is not set and can fluctuate quite dramatically from month to month.

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What do you do if you have a complaint against your medical scheme

Not getting the results you expect from your medical aid? Here is what you can do.

Given the complexities of medical aid plans, the vast number of members many of them have and the multitude of medications and health issues, problems do occur. Sometimes it is a lack of understanding on the part of the member and at times, the medical aid company is wrong.

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MedShield Medical Scheme

MedShield has been in operation since 1968 and their current membership is 191 000. They have received an AA-Global credit rate for 11 consecutive years. They have won numerous consumer awards and accolades for their speedy and accurate claims process.

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Resolution Health

Resolutions Health strives to provide South Africans with quality healthcare at affordable prices.

There are 7 plans that Resolution offers, Foundation, Hospital, Progressive Flex, Progressive Flex Plus, Millenium Select, Millennium and Supreme.

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Genesis Medical Aid

Genesis Medical Aid has been around since 1995. Genesis is rated in the top five medical schemes. The best value for money rating was given to the Private Choice option for the last 3 consecutive years. The options are simple and you have a choice of four options, the Private Choice, Private, Private Plus, Comprehensive option. This is the ideal choice for entry-level buyers and the middle to high-income bracket. They are said to have low monthly contributions on child dependents making it the ideal choice for big families. Any unused Medical Savings is carried over to the next year.

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Oxygen Medical Scheme

Oxygen medical scheme and Medshield Scheme merged in October 2010. They are now the fourth largest medical aid scheme in the country. They have a beneficiary base of 110000 principal members. They also have an AA- credit rating. The benefits of Oxygen is the one-day turnaround of all claims. There is access to a 24-hour medical guidance over the telephone. They offer the Medshield options.

Liberty Medical Scheme

Liberty Medical Scheme (LMS) was a medical scheme service provider with more than 118 000 beneficiaries. In 2016 the company merged with the Bonitas Medical Fund and will continue under Bonitas’ name.

Medihelp Medical Aid

Medihelp offers medical aid plans for different life stages and different budgets. They have 200 000 members in just 20 years. All plans cover major medical services, screening tests and day-to-day doctor visits.

Medihelp has a Healthprint Programme available to all members at no extra cost. This qualifies them for discounts on products and services in both healthcare and retail stores. Expectant mothers can enroll for the Mum and Me programme. There is an online list of vaccines that baby will require. Active people can join the Multisport club. There are discounts at approved gyms and sports tournaments. It is currently only in the Gauteng North region. Membership includes a free starter pack and free entry to Medihelp sponsored events. There is a discount on all cycling and gear.

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Momentum Medical Aid

momentum medical aidMomentum is currently the fourth largest provider of medical aids plans in South Africa. They have a member base of 90 000.

Momentum Multiply is a wellness programme

Adventure Boot Camp is targeted at the adult female and is four-week courses that offer health and fitness activities. This way they can earn points. There are sports programmes targeted at males. For children, there are fitness challenges staged at different intervals. If you cannot make any of these there is free online access to fitness routines provided by FitTrack. To top all that if exercise is not for you, they provide you with a free pedometer that can earn you points.

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