The Bankmed Medical Aid scheme provider started in business in the year 1914. This makes the company as one of the oldest medical scheme providers in South Africa. It was initially established to cater to the medical needs of bankers. Now the company maintains being a closed service provider and it is focused to give the best service to everyone in need of medical care and attention. It is an amazing fact to learn that currently Bankmed has managed to gather up more than 100,000 members in South Africa alone. As a matter of fact, the actual number of attended members so far is approximately 200,000.

The main attraction offered by Bankmed is its affordable medical plans. All its plans are cost-effective, easy to comprehend and competitive in nature. Apart from servicing banking employees, Bankmed is also concerned in protecting the wellbeing of its employer clients and their workers. This explains why a number of programs are delivered from time to time in order to create awareness on how to prevent diseases and other related actions required to address medical issues. Additionally, all members will also be rewarded provided that they register their names under a specific program. This program is created to ensure the maintenance of healthy behaviour among members.

Extended Benefits to Members

Bankmed is truly concerned with the overall wellbeing of its members. This is why the company is not only focusing its services on the medical aspects alone. It also encourages positive interaction between the company and its members, and this is done to ensure that every registering member receives the most beneficial healthcare and service from Bankmed. Members are encouraged to learn about what is going on in the company. Information pertinent to the company’s annual progress and activities are summarized and presented to members. The company invites members to read the information to equip themselves with the basic knowledge regarding services and benefits that can be obtained from Bankmed.

Bankmed is networking with a number of medical service providers and schemes. This is one of the reasons why it is able to sustain in business for almost a century. Bankmed is connected to a huge pool of general practitioners, giving a wider option for members to choose with whom they want to seek consultations from. Bankmed is also connecting with some of the leading pharmacies. Members are not required to deal only with the networking pharmacies; however, any consultations done with participating pharmacies will benefit members especially in the aspects of financial. Basically no additional fees are required from members when they refer to registered pharmacies under Bankmed.

The Management and Administration Team

The management of the medical scheme is operated on a daily basis. The attended areas are those pertinent to financial issues, marketing, communication, client cum public relations, servicing and healthcare management issues. The administration part is handled by a separate entity from the management team, by which services are actually outsourced to a private limited company. Some of the responsibilities carried out by the administrative team are the processing and amending of registering applications. Monthly payments are also controlled by the administrative team.

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