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Which Email Provider Are You Using To View Emails?

Which Phone Are You Using To View Emails?

Gmail Instructions

1. Open the email in your inbox
2. Hover over the sender’s name
3. Select “Add to contacts” to save the sender to your Contacts list

Gmail Step 2

1. Drag the email from your Promotions tab to your Primary tab
2. When asked, “Do this for future messages?” select “Yes”

Yahoo Instructions

1. Open the email in your inbox
2. Click on the sender’s email address
3. Click “…”
4. Choose “Add to contacts”
5. Add additional information if needed
6. Click save to finish

Outlook Instructions

1. Right click on the email in your inbox
2. Scroll down to Junk E-Mail
3. Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”

Other Instructions

On other email providers, you should look for options to add the sender’s email address to your contacts and mark the email as important. This should ensure that none of the emails from that sender are sent to your spam box.

Android Instructions

1. Tap the picture of the sender
2. Tap the add to contacts icon
3. Tap “Create new contact”
4. Choose the correct account if you are signed into multiple email addresses
5. Tap the check mark to save

See example below

iPhone Instructions

1. Tap the sender’s from name
2. Choose “Create New Contact”
3. Tap “Done” to save

See example below